19th & 20th Century Fine Art Original Prints and Paintings

We have been dealers in fine art prints and paintings since 2004. We began selling on eBay under our user name woodandstoneprints where we maintain 100% Positive Feedback.

In December, 2014 we expanded our operation, opening a small gallery in central Virginia in the Phase 2 Galleries building. We also sell through our website and contacts with dealers and collectors. Our stock of prints is continually changing as prints are being sold and new ones acquired. Our website offers only a sampling of what we have. If you are interested in a specific artist or work, please contact us at 434-969-1133 or woodandstoneprints at gmail.com.

Our main areas of interest are American printmakers, primarily from the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s. We offer prints as well as a small collection of illustrated books. We sell works by well known artists and some who are less known today. Many of these works are excellent, and they can be purchased for much less than those of the more famous artists. We think they deserve to be collected as well.

We also have a large selection of 19th century French and European etchings. Our stock is primarily original prints, but it also includes a small number of illustrated books and some oil and watercolor paintings.

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